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Swiss Helicopter Ticino welcomes you to Locarno Airport. This heliport situated in the Magadino Plain is the starting point for helicopter flights over the Alps, the beautiful lakes or to the sun-kissed beaches of Tuscany and the Côte d’Azur. Culinary excursions to typical Ticino grottos or the famous wine-growing areas of the Piedmont are also popular - your dreams are our destinations!
Our flight training school offers the entire range of theoretical and practical helicopter training, including the private pilot licence PPL(H) and the commercial pilot licence CPL(H) in modular or integrated courses. We also offer type rating on all helicopters or extensions such as IR(H).
Maintenance and airworthiness work on our own helicopters is carried out in-house, as well as contract work for high-profile clients who appreciate our absolute discretion.


50 years Swiss Helicopter / Eliticino Base


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Passenger flights: Scenic flights, VIP and taxi flights

Training: PPL(H) theory, PPL(H) theory intensive, CPL(H) intensive, modular theory course, PPL(H) modular practical course, CPL(H) modular practical course, CPL(H) integrated course

Maintenance: Type rating SEH EC120B, Schweizer 269, AS350B3, type rating MEH A109E, AS355, MOU rating, NIT rating, IR rating, helicopter maintenance on 109 series, AS 350 series, AS 355 series, EC 135 series, EC 120, CAMO helicopter management on A 109 series, AS 355 series, EC 135 series, EC 120, Schweizer 269


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Swiss Helicopter is an FTO (Flight Training Organisation) approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA. With the changeover to the EASA FCL system, the FTO will be renamed ATO (Approved Training Organisation). With us you can be trained to become a helicopter pilot in accordance with the latest European JAR regulations.


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Responsible for practical training are our helicopter bases in:



New Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter in Gordola

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you our new Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter.

HB-ZYZ is now based in Gordola. Starting from today, our flight students in Ticino also have the opportunity to do their training on this modern helicopter. Of course, the helicopter is also availble for trial flights on double controls.


Shuttle bus Locarno Airport

New shuttle bus connection between the Tenero train station, Locarno airport and the Quartino train station. Regular service every weekend starting from April 15th, 2017 until November 5th, 2017 and on public holidays.


Fleet upgrade

We're happy to inform you that we're working on the improvement of our fleet in Ticino and will soon have a modern piston single-engine helicopter, the Cabri G2, which will replace our Schweizer 300C helicopters.


English for pilots - Preparation course ICAO Level 4 at the Cantonal Airport in Locarno

The specific Aviation English course is intended for pilots or future pilots who prepare for the Level 4 exam (for the Initial Language Proficiency Check or for the renewal).


50 years Swiss Helicopter / Eliticino Base

Celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of our Swiss Helicopter / Eliticino base, on the 27th & 28th August 2016. We look forward to welcoming you!




ma gordolaIgorCanepa

Igor Canepa

Pilot / Flight Instructor / Deputy PH Flight Operations

ma gordola TizianaKappler

Tiziana Kappler

Sales & Marketing

ma gordolaIgorSancassani


Igor Sancassani

Pilota / Istruttore di volo


ma gordolaYvesKuehni

Yves Kühni

Meccanico d'elicotteri / Pilota / Istruttore di volo

ma gordolaNoemiStaekenborg

Noemi Staekenborg


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