Base Samedan-St. Moritz
+41 81 852 35 35

Run entirely by local staff, Samedan Heliport is home to a Swiss Helicopter fleet of aircraft ranging from small helicopters to large heavy-lift aircraft. Technical expertise is one of the most important aspects of helicopter flying. All maintenance and repair work is carried out by highly qualified personnel, guaranteeing maximum safety standards. By securing transport, supply and passenger flights, the heliport generates an important element of the region’s economy.

Materialtransporte: Unterlasttransporte vorwiegend für Gebirgsbaustellen, bis max 1‘400 kg. Montageflüge, Bergbahn- und Kraftwerkunterhaltsdienst

Holztransporte: Für Gemeindeforstämter, Forstunternehmungen und Private, sowie Spezialholzerei

Öffentliche Sicherheit: Lawinensprengeinsätze, Feuerbekämpfung, Löschflüge, Grenz-wachtflüge, Messflüge, Lawinenverbauungen, Vermessungsflüge, Rekognoszierungsflüge, Überwachungsflüge

Rettung: REGA Contadino (Tiertransporte)

Personenflüge: Film/Fotoflüge, Rundflüge Taxiflüge, VIP Flüge, Auslandflüge, Heliskiing, Fallschirmabsprünge

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Swiss Helicopter is an FTO (Flight Training Organisation) approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA. With the changeover to the EASA FCL system, the FTO will be renamed ATO (Approved Training Organisation). With us you can be trained to become a helicopter pilot in accordance with the latest European JAR regulations.


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Responsible for practical training are our helicopter bases in:


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ma samedan JuergDenoth

Jürg Denoth

Basisleiter / Pilot

ma balzers JohannesSauter


Johannes Sauter

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor /

Pilot / Flight Instructor


ma samedan FabrizioBalsarini


Fabrizio Balsarini

Einsatzleiter / Pilot


ma samedan StefanSchoepf

Stefan Schöpf


ma samedan MartinaHauser

Martina Hauser


ma samedan DavideCarpi

Davide Carpi


ma samedan BastianEngels

Bastian Engels


ma samedan SilvanaBachmann

Silvana Bachmann


ma samedan MaurizioLuzzi

Maurizio Luzzi


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Plazza Aviatica 4
Samedan, Schweiz

Tel. +41 (0)81 852 35 35
Fax. +41 (0)81 852 32 72

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