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Swiss Helicopter has established itself as an indispensible transport company in the Haslital valley. Whether you require avalanche-blasting missions in winter, supply flights to SAC mountain huts, scenic flights or heliskiing/-boarding, we are pleased to be of assistance.

Passenger flights: Scenic flights, VIP and taxi flights, heliskiing/-boarding, groups/MICE, trial flights, vouchers

Transport flights: General cargo flights, assembly work, logging, special forestry services, hauling cables, car transport, regional programs, supplying huts

Protection and rescue flights: Rescue flights on behalf of Swiss Air Rescue, Contadino (animal rescue), aerial cableway evacuation, aerial reconnaissance and police flights, avalanche blasting, securing slopes and cliffs

Disaster relief and aid missions: Fire-fighting missions, general disaster relief and aid missions, alerts

Film and photography flights


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Swiss Helicopter is an FTO (Flight Training Organisation) approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA. With the changeover to the EASA FCL system, the FTO will be renamed ATO (Approved Training Organisation). With us you can be trained to become a helicopter pilot in accordance with the latest European JAR regulations.


Information about our Flight School


Responsible for practical training are our helicopter bases in:


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MA Gsteigwiler RogerMing

Roger Ming


ma schattenhalb HansGlatthard

Hans Glatthard


MA Schattenhalb SeverinRufibach

Severin Rufibach


ma schattenhalb MarcZumbrunn

Marc Zumbrunn


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Geissholz 198a
Schattenhalb-Meiringen, Schweiz

Tel. +41 (0)33 828 90 00
Fax. +41 (0)33 828 90 10

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