As an addition to its existing aviation services, Swiss Helicopter now offers the deployment of professionally piloted drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as UAVs, provide a way of supplementing crewed aviation with systems operated from the ground.

The SDO 50 V2 model supplied by Swiss Drones Operating AG is a machine with unique design features, a superior payload capacity, extended flight duration, a stable flight pattern and a series of high-level safety functions. Thanks to its special Flettner rotor system, our drone does not require a tail rotor. This in turn means that it has an improved payload / aircraft-weight ratio, giving it a cargo capacity of 66 lbs / 30 kg and a flight time of two hours.

The advantages of drone deployment:
  • GPS and autopilot control allow us to fly very precise trajectories as often as we (or you) like, with advantages that include pinpoint precision
  • Video and measurement data can be made directly available to the customer via a secure transmission link, with the possibility of almost real-time recording
  • Drones can be deployed in natural disasters, terrain that is otherwise difficult to access and in emergency situations
  • They offer flexible configuration possibilities
  • The targeted use of a mobile control centre can reduce flight time and maximise the efficiency of the mission
  • The system consumes less fuel and reduces noise emissions
We can perform your tasks in a precise and efficient way if we work together as a team consisting of you, as an expert in your specialist field and owner of the necessary equipment (sensors, measuring equipment, etc.) and us, as a professional helicopter company with long experience and know-how relating to the aviation and technical issues involved.

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