Infra-red thermography
Thermography can be used to perform a wide range of specific tasks, including for example:
- Checking the thermal insulation of buildings
- Detecting damage (to power cables, solar energy systems, etc.)
- Searching for missing persons
- Detection of fires in their early stages / deployment during forest fires
- etc.

LIDAR stands for “Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging”, a system designed for the precise measurement of distances. One of its specialist uses is in 3-D object detection, usually on behalf of engineering firms and meteorologists. When it is combined with high-resolution cameras, the resulting three-dimensional renderings of terrain structures can be truly breathtaking.

Other deployment possibilities:
- Terrain models for land-use / urban planning purposes
- Land-surveying tasks of all kinds
- Monitoring / inspection of pipelines, motorways, railway tracks, etc.
- Analysis of floods, avalanches, forest fires, landslides, etc.
- Map-making and cartography, construction designs
- etc.

Acting in accordance with our mission statement, we will only carry out orders subject to an acceptable risk analysis. Our principles regarding the protection of privacy, as well as the avoidance of unnecessary environmental pollution, remain in force at all times.

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