Drone specifications
The latest drone technology allows these aircraft to be flown precisely and stably in any direction, as virtually all the engine capacity is dedicated to providing lift, with none of the familiar low-temperature problems associated with electric battery-operated versions.
Country of manufacture Switzerland / Liechtenstein
Rotary system Flettner double rotor system (4 blades)
Rotory diameter 2 x 2.82 m
Engine high performance turbine
Dimensions 2.32 m x 0.7 m x 0.92 m
Empty weight 42 kg
Payload 30 kg
MTOW 87 kg
Kerosene consumption ca. 13 l/h
Max time to flight 2 h 50 Min
Max airspeed 20 m/s (72 km/h)
Additional equipment FLARM collision warning device, transponder
Note: all performance data of the SDO 50 V2 are subject to change, depending on final payload configuration, and are continually being enhanced and tested in flight

Ground control system (GCS)
The GCS allows flight operations to be planned, programmed and subjected to safety simulations as required. Flight plans can therefore be mapped in precise detail. Deployments can be fully automatic or carried out in “assisted mode” (where the pilot can control positioning by means of manual input). Take-off and landing are likewise fully automated procedures.

The use of a telemetry data link allows flight parameters, position data, altitude and other factors to be monitored in real time. The operating panel contains sensor controls and a trigger for releasing the load.

Mobile forward operating base (MFOB)
The MFOB transports the drone as close as possible to its target location. With just a few simple operations, the vehicle is converted into a mobile control centre of the latest generation. The facility allows the customer, pilot and payload-handling specialist to work in a fully air-conditioned compartment. The MFOB is equipped with data links, data storage systems, screen monitors and all the technical facilities required to ensure the proper operation of the drone over an extended period of time.

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