The airline pilot ATPL(H) licence is the highest qualification available under European aviation law. The licence itself is only issued after a certain amount of flying experience, but the corresponding theoretical part may be fulfilled during basic training.

If you complete your ATPL theory during a (modular or integrated) CPL course, you complete your CPL course with ATPL theory already passed. Once you have fulfilled the ATPL experience requirements, the actual ATPL can then be issued. It is therefore possible to have the first part of the licence requirement completed as soon as training begins.

Swiss Helicopter lets you undergo your ATPL theory training by distance learning. You can also combine this course with the theory part of instrument flying (ATPL IR).

Integrated ATPL training
Swiss Helicopter lets you go straight to your ATPL(H) / IR level of training without any intermediate steps. The training is very similar to normal integrated commercial pilot training (see CPL(H)), but it includes a higher level of theory and additional flying hours.

The full course of training to ATPL/IR level requires 195 hours. This involves full-time training in parallel with your theory course.

Integrated ATPL(H)/IR training also includes complete IR instrument training with Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training for helicopters with more than one flight crew member.

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